Finding your next member of staff with Christopher Murray Recruitment is more than just posting an advert, its about taking a consultative approach to your vacancy, its about discussing what your business needs are now and in the future and its about taking on a project together to maximise the success of your newest member of staff. When we take on a client, we take on a commitment to being honest and realistic with you about filling your vacancy, to communicate with you at every stage and to be confidential in the approach.

We have a range of services and tools at our disposal to fill your vacancy and each project really is tailor made to the client and their needs. Our aim is to deliver quality people who will last and be successful for years to come and we are looking at your long term. We don’t just trade CV’s, we take the commitment to the candidate very seriously too, meeting with them in person or by video conference, counselling them on their careers, getting to know the real person behind the CV and understanding what makes them tick so we are far better placed to focus them towards the right role and ensure they succeed for the client.

Our team is made of experts not only in recruitment and people management but with backgrounds in Farm Management, Consultancy, Nutrition, Sales, Agronomy and Surveying – we know the industry and the challenges your business faces and the challenges your team face with you! Our service doesn’t stop the day your new person starts, we can be there for those crucial first few months to liaise, communicate with both parties and consult to ensure that everyone sets out with the best foundation of as new relationship.

We can offer appraisals, personality profiles, employee surveying, third party staffing consultations and a range of people services not just for staff we have recruited but for your entire team with the aim of helping retain your people and be an employer of choice. Unlike some recruiters, we want you to enjoy excellent staff retention.

Please Contact Us and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you.