Striking a healthy work life balance can be a difficult challenge in the best of times but even more daunting during times of economic uncertainly or working from home due to a global pandemic! In the modern world with some much connected technology, often used for both work and pleasure it can be really hard to switch from work mode to home mode and some now use the term “work life merging” over work life balance! Ensuring that we have a good amount of down time is crucial for our physical and mental health and makes us more productive in our working lives. Over the next week we will look twelve tips from Tim Kehl, a work life balance specialist and a company chaplain from Madison Wisconsin. 

1.Track Your Time

Analysing your present situation is the beginning step in achieving a balanced life. Keep a time log of everything you do for one week, including work-related and personal activities. This data will serve as an eye-opener, helping you understand how you are using — and where you are losing — your time.

2. Determine Your Priorities

Spend some time seriously reflecting on what is most important to you, and make a list of your top priorities at work and at home. Then analyse your time audit by asking yourself these key questions: What do I need to Start doing? Stop doing? Continue doing? Do more of? Do less of? Do differently?

3. Set Specific Goals

Take your list of priorities and turn them into concrete and measurable goals. Block time into your schedule for activities just like you would for an important meeting or a doctor’s appointment.