Established in 1995, Christopher Murray Recruitment is a leading agricultural recruiter with a focus on the allied industries. Our on farm offering focuses on training, staff development and health and safety.


Regardless of the size of your herd, the system or indeed the number of employees, training and motivation should be the priority and with a well trained team, motivated to utilise the skills we teach them, proactive in herd health and spotting issues you will notice the benefits on your margins.

With regular visits throughout the year and training to the farm owner or herd manager on how to keep the momentum, we increase communication amongst the team regardless of language and experience and increase the skills for everybody, all logged and accounted for satisfying your milk contract and farm assurance obligations, but more importantly getting a team of people behind you and your business, fit, motivated and trained to face the challenges as they arise.

Training includes:

  • People management for managers and owners
  • Influencing Cell Counts & Bactoscans
  • Stockmanship
  • Herd Health
  • Heat Detection
  • Cow Comfort
  • Lameness detection & Scoring
  • Udder Health
  • Basic Nutrition

With carefully developed resources that inspire two way communication – regardless of language – following training we can draw vital information about the herd from everyone in the team.

Alongside training elements we undertake regular staff surveys giving us the feedback and areas to focus, farm handbooks, health and safety assessments ,annual appraisals, individual training plans and team work exercises ensuring continuous CPD and aiding in staff attraction and retention.

Start the proactive approach to staff management by giving us a call!