Striking a healthy work life balance can be a difficult challenge in the best of times but even more daunting during times of economic uncertainly or working from home due to a global pandemic! In the modern world with some much connected technology, often used for both work and pleasure it can be really hard to switch from work mode to home mode and some now use the term “work life merging” over work life balance! Ensuring that we have a good amount of down time is crucial for our physical and mental health and makes us more productive in our working lives. Over the next week we will look twelve tips from Tim Kehl, a work life balance specialist and a company chaplain from Madison Wisconsin. 

4. Schedule Scrupulously

Successful people plan their work and then work their plan. You have one life, so have one date planner. Whether paper or electronic, this is the vehicle by which you turn your priorities and goals into reality. Set aside 10 to 20 minutes at the beginning of each day (or the night before) to plan your tasks and activities for the day and evening ahead.

5. Establish Boundaries

Set fair and realistic limits on what you will and will not do both at work and at home.

Clearly communicate these boundaries to your supervisor, coworkers, partner and family. For instance, you might commit to not working late on certain days unless there is a crisis. Additionally, set aside a time at home during which you will not check or respond to work-related emails or voice mails.

6. Take Care of Your Health

Your health should always be your No. 1 priority. If you are not in good shape physically, mentally, and emotionally, both your work life and your personal life will suffer. Take care of yourself by eating healthy meals (especially breakfast), exercise at least three times per week and sleep a minimum of seven hours per night. While you may not think you have time to add exercise and extra sleep to your jam-packed schedule, these practices relieve stress, raise your energy level, increase your stamina, improve your mental clarity, boost your immune system, and make you a happier, more engaged, and more productive person. Additionally, refrain from the excessive use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to relieve stress. These substances only tend to keep the body in a stressed state and cause even more problems.