During these unprecedented times of lockdown, travel restrictions and social distancing due to Corvid-19 how does the recruitment industry, businesses and individuals conduct that first initial interview? Well – as with a lot of business meetings we are turning to technology and video conferencing facilities to undertake the interview process – a thing that was starting to emerge before the current crisis and is likely to be here to stay when things turn into the “New Normal” – at least for that initial interview! We found these 10 useful tips for successful video interviewing – applicable to both candidate and interviewer – on the HuffPost website! 

2 of 10: Test your webcam and display placements.

Most modern laptops and tablets have cameras built into the device but  if they are not great or you have the need to use an external camera this can cause an issue. Depending on where your webcam is and where your display is, you may have to toggle between the two frequently during the video interview. Ideally they are close enough such that, as you’re looking at your display (therefore looking at your conversation partner and reading their non-verbal cues) you are still looking directly at your webcam so they feel like you are looking at them. Sometimes, however, the webcam and display are far enough apart that, by looking at your display, you look away from the person, and that’s distracting to the other side (they will feel like they’re having a conversation with someone who doesn’t make eye contact). You have to practice toggling back and forth unless your display and webcam line up exactly. Again, test with a friendly person so you can determine what they’re seeing.

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