During these unprecedented times of lockdown, travel restrictions and social distancing due to Corvid-19 how does the recruitment industry, businesses and individuals conduct that first initial interview? Well – as with a lot of business meetings we are turning to technology and video conferencing facilities to undertake the interview process – a thing that was starting to emerge before the current crisis and is likely to be here to stay when things turn into the “New Normal” – at least for that initial interview! We found these 10 useful tips for successful video interviewing – applicable to both candidate and interviewer – on the HuffPost website! 

3 of 10: Test your audio.

Make sure that your mic resonates clearly to the other person and that your speakers make the other person understandable to you. You may need to use headphones to ensure that there isn’t an echo. Ideally, you don’t need headphones because you’ll look more professional in any interview without headphones (video interview or otherwise!), but audio quality is more important than appearance here, so check the audio in advance to be sure.

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